We Are Here Collective

Since 2013 I'm part of the We Are Here Collective working on different projects.

We Are Here (2012–) is a group of Amsterdam based undocumented refugees in limbo that have no voice or place in Dutch society, and their support network, comprised of students, researchers, activists, artists and others. The group established itself as a powerful and active movement. Its aim is to keep on raising critical questions about the problems of the European immigration policies. The Dutch immigration policy in particular ignores undocumented people’s basic human needs like shelter (24 hours of BBB - Bed, Bath and Bread), education and medical health. Despite this difficult position, We Are Here has over the last three years found ways to fight their position bring their struggle into the public realm and create an active community around them.
Below the contact information and the background and history of the group.


*New World Academy December 2013
Established by Jonas Staal in collaboration with BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht

*We Are Here Cooperative

*We Are Here Surviving - We Are Here Cookbook
coming soon

Event 14 feb 2015 at Casco. Books of Change – Van het GDR Handbook tot We Are Here Cooking

*A Feminist Reading Group
(by the We Are Here cooperative and the We Are Here Academy)
starting September 2015