Coco Duivenvoorde (The Netherlands, 1988) has worked in various projects both national and international (Belgium, Ethiopia, Brazil, Suriname) where she explored (moving) images with poetry and performance as visual language. The themes that influence her work relate to feminism and identity building, colonialism and anti-racism and politics of food. With the work (often collaborations) she takes a societal position and relates actively to society by making visual art as well as organizing various activities (reading groups, poetry nights, film screenings, and dinners) within the cultural field in order to initiate dialogue, awareness and change. She lives and works in Amsterdam.

Coco Duivenvoorde studied Photography at KABK - The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, NL (2007-2011). After working as a freelance photographer for two years she continued her master studies at MFA at ArtEZ Dutch Art Institute - School for Art Praxis, Arnhem, NL (2013-2015).